Sunday, April 11, 2010
Grace Digital Tape2USB Cassette To PC Deck

The Grace Digital Tape2USB Cassette to PC deck is ugly as sin, but is exactly what I need to transform some old mix tapes from analog to digital. Yes, there is a full sized stereo component version of this, but I want to be able to hide it away when I’m done.

Some details:

Cassette tape deck
Records from auxiliary sources via cassette tape deck to PC
Record level indicator & record level control
CrO2 Tape play & CrO2 record buttons
Counter display & reset
2.5” 1W monitor speaker (mono) & volume control
Records & plays in stereo sound
Records & plays from cassettes to PC
Records from auxiliary sources to cassettes
Cassette & line-in selection button
USB connection
RCA In record R/L jacks
RCA Out play R/L jacks
Audacity software discs for PC & Mac

USB Recordable Cassette Player
Audacity Recording Software
9V DC Power Adaptor
USB Cable
RCA Cord
User Manual