Friday, April 10, 2009
Triumvir X SEGA MadWorld

Triumvir’s involvement with SEGA’s Madworld

Working alongside Sega America’s Marketing team for the MadWorld release, Triumvir helped to produce a collection of stickers as well as hoodies for the involved parties (PlatinumGames, Sega America and Producers).

Although the hoodies are not for sale, 10 out of the 50 limited hoodies produced will be given out to fans with a copy of the MadWorld game, courtesy of Sega. Check out the Triumvir X SEGA MadWorld video (video link) or the Triumvir blog for more details on how you can win a MadWorld hoodie and video game.

Triumvir’s Review of SEGA’s MadWorld

“With no other game like MadWorld on the Wii console, the blood-soaked game definitely brings a whole new genre to the platform. The artistically gruesome game bleeds creativity and is sure to provoke an up-spring of more over the top M-rated Wii games… ready for a gore-fest?”

-Julia Vaughn

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