Friday, April 24, 2009
Throwback Classic! Swollen Members

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01 Intro
02 Killing spree
03 Full contact [Feat. Evidence&Chali 2Na]
04 Take it back [Feat. Dj Revolution]
05 RPM [Feat. Rakaa Iriscience&Dj Babu]
06 Bad dreams
07 Camouflage [Feat. Dj Revolution]
08 Poker face [Feat. Buc Fifty]
09 Deep end
10 Anthrax island
11 Snake bite [Feat. Rattlesnake Jones&Chris Guy]
12 Total package [Feat. Planet Asia&Dj Revolution]
13 The reflection
14 Ventilate [Feat. Dj Babu]
15 Burns and scars [Feat. Son Doobie]
16 Dark riders [Feat. Buc Fifty]
17 Fuel injected [Feat. Moka Only]
18 High road
19 Bring it home [Feat. Moka Only]
20 Fuel injected (remix) [Feat. Moka Only&Saukrates]