Monday, March 2, 2009
Marq Spekt & Lex Boogie: Guilty Party

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"For the past decade MarQ Spekt has been underground hip-hop's Bobby Fischer. Popping up on tracks and ripping them to shreds before melting back into the night. Half-myth, half-legend, Spekt has somehow been a part of every significant movement in the east-coast underground for ten years, without ever fully emerging from the shadows. Originally signed to Subverse with MF DOOM and The Micronauts, his 2001 Liquid Smoke b/w Shoplifter 12" is an Ebay classic. Add to that his blazing cameos on Big Jus' [Company Flow] albums, the Broady Champs group album that dropped on Day by Day Entertainment at the height of their success, and his never-officially-released Pretty Weapons solo album, and you have the makings of an underground legend. In 2008, Spekt stepped out of the shadows and teamed up with prolific NYC fixture, Karniege, as the Invizzibl Men. The result was a futuristic banger of an album, The Unveiling, that sported guest spots from Cannibal OX, C-Rayz Walz and Billy Woods, amongst others.

Now Backwoodz Studioz is proud to present Guilty Party, a brand new collaborative project with MarQ Spekt and producer Lex Boogie From the Bronx. One producer, one MC; Guilty Party is a stylistic return to the gritty mid-nineties basement sessions that Spekt hones his craft in. It's a return to lo-fi, extra filthy samples and hard-as-granite lyrics. Spekt is an Mc's MC, but on this project he expanded his palette by co-producing beats with Lex Boogie as the two came to boil down the essence that is Spekt.

MarQ put it best saying "This free album is a dedication to raw hiphop coming from the heart. No million dollar studio tricks or Autotune, or even big name collaborations. This is just sky diving with the pen."

I highly recommend getting this album! If you're fiending for that raw grilchy hiphop, you need to download this album. Marq Spekts is doin it real big, the man is international. This is the shit that seperates the newjacks from the real headz that repsect the culture. He's been doin this for years and is probably one of the few cats locally that I fuck with on the music tip. Get the album...KhanOne

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