Friday, August 22, 2008

If you haven't been yet and if you're a music head like myself, you need to check out the new Beatlab spot on Ponce. You might be familiar the cats that run the place such as Mega and Scott Weatherwax (Mindzai) from More Dusty Than Digital. More Dusty if alot you don't know was the THE spot for music back in the day. I spent many days buying records and talkin music with Mega, Weatherwax, Presto, Detail (Rob Wonder), J-Sun, Sek and Presto. Some of my fondest memories were just chillin in front of the store, smokin a cigarette and laughing at stupid rap lyrics that Sek would play on the turntables (I feel old HA). Beatlab brings back those memories. Aside from stocking a great selection of vinyl and CD's, the Beatlab also specializes in production/audio equipment and software. If you're an audiophile such as myself, producer, DJ or record collector, I highly recommend stopping by.


700 Cleburne Terrace Atlanta, GA 30306

In Plaza at Ponce De Leon Ave + N. Highland Ave
with The Majestic Diner and Urban Outfitter
(404) 745-9935


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