Friday, September 19, 2008
The Record Cabinet

If you are a record collector, your significant other is a very special person. They are able to take and accept your love of 180gram vinyl and the reality that it will be part of the family - always there and sounding damn good. For years, the solution to your partner's acceptance of your vinyl was to store it in either a backroom, basement, or in the living room using the IKEA Expedit shelving system.

The good people at Atocha Design raise the bar in vinyl storage with their "The Record Cabinet." Finished in American Walnut and fashioned in the form of a bureau, this cabinet not only stores 95 LPs per drawers and can be congifured on demands to hold CDs as well as 7inch vinyl (my preference). The price does not come low though, but then would you expect it to with this beautiful piece of furniture? Its pushing 12,500$US easily but he/she will love you for it. (via gearcrave)